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Add Team Insights to your Recruiting & Hiring Process to attract higher-quality candidates & long-term team members

  • Ideal Candidate Matching
  • Interactive Team Charts
  • Member-to-member Interaction Guides
  • Hiring & Leadership Support
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Are you struggling with...

Constant Turnover

Mismatched Applicants

Tense Company Culture

Ideal Candidate Profile

Never guess again about finding a good fit with the Ideal Candidate Profile:

  • Identify the perfect match for every position
  • Enhance your job ad copy & interview questions
  • Identify how your new member can thrive

DISCover the Strength of DISC

Use text and images to tell your company’s story. Explain what makes your product or service extraordinary.

  • Improve communication together
  • Leverage each others' strengths
  • Unify through celebrating diversity

Team Insights can help with...

Job Ad Copy


Team Building

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few frequently asked questions I've gotten from those I've introduced Team Insights to lately.

  • Are you a Recruiter?                                         ðŸ…°ï¸ No, I'm a Leadership Coach certified to Analyze DISCs
  • Is this an Applicant Tracking Service?            🅰️ No, I help analyze applicants' strengths & weaknesses
  • How does this help with hiring?                     ðŸ…°ï¸ Matching the personality to the position
  • Where does this fit in my hiring process?     ðŸ…°ï¸ I suggest after your screening phase
  • What else do you offer?                                   ðŸ…°ï¸ Communication tools like my Interaction Guide
  • What exactly do you do?                                  🅰️ I help you make the best decisions for your company
  • How are you qualified?                                     ðŸ…°ï¸ 15 years of management & leadership experience
  • What do you specialize in?                               ðŸ…°ï¸ Unlocking potential out of every team member
  • Who do you work with now?                            🅰️ Service organizations like contractors, retail, and non-profits

Three ways Team Insights can help you today...

Hiring Strategies

Group Leadership Training

One-on-One Coaching


I can help you because...

My strength is compassion & support.

My education, experiences, and certifications have equipped me to serve my community's leaders and those they lead.

My credentials:

  • Certified DISC Profile Analyst
  • Associates of Applied Science in Business Administration & Marketing & B.S. in Organizational Management
  • 15 years of organizational management & leadership experience in service-based industries from mom & pop shops, to Fortunate Global 500 companies, and other bases both near and far

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