See What I've Been Up To


Lunch & Learns

I've had the great pleasure in serving members of our community in their businesses and non-profit organizations by sharing my tools and training that have been helping my clients for years.

Lunch & Learns are a great way to connect with the community, introduce myself to new leaders, and share new information with those I already know.

I greatly enjoy collaborating with other businesses whether that's co-speaking, sponsoring or providing food, and hosting the events for us and our local business leaders.

Hosting Networking Events

I've greatly enjoyed the opportunities that my office space and local business colleagues offer to help host wonderful events such as York County's Business After Hours.

I am grateful to be able to facilitate and fund opportunities for many people to come together, connect and grow while also sharing my own personal message to a massive audience.

As you can see from this video, we packed the room and many conversations were had!


Mentor Moments

I love the opportunity to give back to others without asking for anything in return.

I get excited about the chance to share what I've learned, what's worked for me and worked for others as timely advice and guidance for those leaders around me searching for answers or even relief.

Mentor Moments are a great chance to share my personal development journey apart from just business pursuits.

Group Coaching Experience

While I love how impactful my one-on-one coaching and team building has been for my clients I wanted to reach new people where they were and with their current needs and financial abilities.

That's when I packaged many of my most helpful tools and training from my previous work and packaged it up into a cohort program for many local businesses owners to partake.

This gave them a chance to get a feel for my services, my personality, as well as some massive takeaways that could help catapult them to the level they want to be at to afford more coaching and services from me.


Networking Opportunities

I'm make it a point to continually build & nurture relationships with other business owners and community leaders.

I've found great success in helping my clients and other members of the community by connecting them with other services that I know, like and trust.

I'm active in several organizations such as York County Chamber, 212 Business Networking, Virginia Peninsula Chamber, and many other standalone networking events primarily in Hampton Roads.

Leadership Transformation Experience

Here's a recap of this year's exciting adventure of taking business leaders on a 30-day journey into my most effective tools and training.

This was a group event spread out over 4 weeks helping my members increase their productivity and goal crushing through my framework I like to call the 4 Keys of Overcoming Adversity.

This framework is based on improving our Focus, Faith, Fellowship & Follow Through to build up your habits to achieve new heights in personal development, leadership and your business with greater impact and more consistently.

ilkb group shot

Why Leadership Coaching?

Working in the services industry since 2006 has shown me a lot of gaps, deficiencies, and areas for improvement throughout various organizations.

While each company, location and team have their nuances, the patterns remain the same. Whether it was manufacturing aerospace technology, upgrading cellphones, painting walls, or teaching kickboxing, everything good and bad about an experience comes down to communication.

In our marketing, our recruiting, training and processes, the way that a leader conveys a vision and expectations to their clients, colleagues, and competitors makes the difference between standing out or getting lost in the pack.

The root of all organizational struggles start and end with its leader. And I'm here to help them.

Hear from some of our Service Leaders' testimonials below!